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Bangkok chicken History

    Bangkok chicken was first recognized in China in 1400 BC. This chocken type always linked activity cockfight. Gradually activity cockfight increasingly extends onquest seeds fighter reliable. At that time, the Chinese managed to chicken crossed themwith various types of roosters from India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. Thesearchers were trying to get a chicken seed is able to KO your opponent with only one kick.

    According to records, about a century ago, Thai people managed to find a new hero called the king's chicken. Chicken is a quick movement, a deadly blow and when to fight his brain street. The snitch chicken from China call this chicken: Leung hangs qhao. If at home, he was known as the cock bangkok.

    Just so you know, the new champion successfully subvert almost all domestic poultry in China. This is what encourages people in China to explore the woods only to find the original chicken that will be crossed with a chicken bangkok earlier. The hope, is able to subvert the chicken cross champion of Thailand's strength. Perhaps, in the era of the sixties in Laos sticking a new strain that could rival the fighting cock kedigdayaan bangkok chicken. But after an intercross constant hardly known then again the difference between chicken complaints from Laos with bangkok chicken from Thailand.

    In Thailand and Laos, there are some noteworthy snitch name, like Vaj KUB, Xiong Cha Ly Xab.Pada Is and colonel 1975, bangkok chicken owned by KUB had ruled Nampang Vaj, cock fighting arena is quite prestigious in the country's Prime Minister Thaksin Sinawatra. Chicken named Bay that is one cool hand Vaj KUB results in training and looking for a reliable seed fighting cock.

    Power farmed chickens Vaj KUB successful results matched counterparts of the city Socra, Malaysia. They from neighbor country it capable spawn parent stock or broodstock excel. It's just the next generation, Mr.Thao Chai from Thailand managed to subvert the dominance of ranchers from Malaysia.Mr.Thao to name the new champion, Diamond or Van Phet.

    Thailand is no doubt as the country's leading producer of chicken bangkok. In fact, this sector has been recognized as an addition to domestic foreign exchange white elephant. From Thailand chicken business this complaint not only penetrated the Southeast Asian region alone, but extends to Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.There habit Different between Fighting cocks in Thailand and countries our. In Thailand chicken fights are not allowed to wear spurs or a spur. Consequently, the chickens are seldom pitted to death. By contrast in Indonesia, it is precisely equipped fighting cock spurs that would be the murder weapon tajam.Taji opponent in the arena.

    In Indonesia, the hobby has long been known to complain chicken, roughly since the time of Majapahit Kingdom. We also know some of the legendary folk tale about chicken fights, like the story Ciung Vanara (in my area Ciamis), Kamandaka and Cindelaras. Folklore is closely related to historical narratives and advice delivered hereditary.City Tuban, East Java, believed to be the town that play a role in the development of fighting cock. Here, chicken bangkok first introduced in our country. Nothing description could mentions regarding whom who first introducing chicken bangkok from Thailand.

    Actually, this type of complaint from the domestic chicken (local) no less diverse, such as chicken Wareng (Madura) and chicken kinantan (Sumatra). But the chickens were not able to compete with bangkok chicken power.

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